Kid Cudi Revels In ‘Love’ On His Pensive New Track

By Md Anayatullah 

For the Kid Cudi faithful this won’t be a new release, but the masterful hummer officially released “Love” for everyone today (July 8).

The song captures the introspective and optimistic nature commonplace to much of his content. 

“I am happy to be alive ’cause I know I could not be in a place filled with lies,” he sings emphatically.

This is an exciting time for Kid Cudi as this record arrives with The Boy Who Flew To The Moon Vol. 1, which has a two-fold effect.

it is a celebration of the seminal songs he has provided over the course of his career. For newcomers

Prior to The Boy, the Cleveland artist released the single “Do What I Want” in June of this year.

As for the rest of 2022, he appeared on Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry, the final collaboration between Cudi and his former friend Kanye West.

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