Larry Storch, comic actor in TV sitcom ‘F Troop,’ dies at 99

By Md Anayatullah

Larry Storch, the rubber-faced comic whose long career in theater, movies and television was capped

F Troop" role as zany Cpl. Agarn in the 1960s spoof of Western frontier TV shows, died Friday. Storch was 99.

Storch died of natural causes early Friday in his New York City apartment, according to his manager, Matt Beckoff.

Although "F Troop" lasted only two seasons on ABC, from 1965 to 1967, it became a cult favorite in reruns.

 Its devoted fans could recite almost all of the adventures of the incredibly incompetent soldiers of Fort Courage and the members 

As Agarn, Storch was the wild-eyed partner and protege of Forrest Tucker's wily Sgt. O'Rourke

While "F Troop" brought him lasting fame, Storch appeared in scores of films and TV shows both before and after the show.

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