Ms. Marvel Drops Major MCU Reveal in Finale Episode

By Md Anayatullah

Ms. Marvel delivered its finale episode on Wednesday, offering up a major surprise for Marvel fans who were largely not expecting 

his article will contain major spoilers for a couple of surprising moments from late in the Ms. Marvel finale episode,

so consider this your final warning! One surprise came in the form of a post-credits scene setting up a movie which fans are already

Ms. Marvel got her name of "Ms. Marvel," when her father called her just that late in the episode. Origin story: complete

She also said, "Embiggen," which is her popular word when using her powers in comics, although the powers look quite different on the pages

 However, she also underwent a massive change by comparison to her comic book counterpart to get those powers. 

In the comics, Kamala Khan possesses and Inhuman gene. However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kamala has a mutant gene.