The Best Scenes in the John Wick Franchise, Ranked

By Mobin Monster

The franchise gave Keanu Reeves the comeback he deserved, delivering an awesome performance as the deadly assassin.

The star trained in gun combat and martial arts, among many others. So with numerous creative and iconic action scenes,

They tumble downstairs, get hit by cars, crash through windows, and exchange vicious blows against one another

This scene is backed by a lot of tension, with Cassian searching for John with vengeance after he killed his former employer, Gianna D'Antonio,

"The most expensive thing in John Wick 2 was that I wanted to do the mirror room sequence

On top of this we get to see Sofia in action, who is almost as proficient as John. Halle Berry, similar to Keanu,

the choreography and camera work were excellent, not shying away from showing the audience what was going on, with the awesome headshots,

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