The 'Mean Girls' Cast Has Grown to Become Hollywood A-Listers

By Mobin Monster

Lindsay may have gained notoriety as a child star, but the 36-year-old has since become a respected actress.

she appeared in a slew of movies and TV series including 2007's Georgia Rule, 2008's Ugly Betty, and 2014's 2 Broke Girls

Rachel established herself as the "Queen Bee" who instilled fear and envy in the hearts of many, but the now 43-year-old

She also stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange films

Amanda portrayed our favorite ditzy yet gorgeous teenager, the actress went on to star in 2010's Dear John

Pretty boy Jonathan Bennett has also become quite the catch in Hollywood.

The 41-year-old has moved on to other notable movies and TV series including 2005's Cheaper by the Dozen, 2012's Divorce Invitation,

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