Twin Peaks, Home Alone 3 actor Lenny Van Dohlen dies age 64

By Md Anayatullah

Lenny Van Dohlen, best known for his roles in Twin Peaks and Home Alone 3, died aged 64, his sister confirmed.

Twin Peaks star Lenny Von Dohlen has died at the age of 63. The actor’s death was confirmed to Variety by his agent.

No cause of death was released. His sister Catherine Von Dohlen announced his death on her Facebook page

He was always leading, whether it be a riveting conversation, an artistic creation, or a trip to new places

In the iconic ABC series Twin Peaks, Lenny played the role of Harold, a possible suspect in the murder of Laura Palmer

 Laura tended to Harold, an agoraphobic who refused to leave his house. Before her mysterious death, Laura 

While FBI agent Dale Cooper continued his investigation, Harold suicided after Donna pretended to be his friend

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