What Time Will ‘Resident Evil’ Be on Netflix?

By Md Anyatullah

Resident Evil is getting a makeover. This summer marks this storied franchise’s first-ever live-action series

 led by Supernatural‘s Andrew Dabb. And this is one adaptation that won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

you love Leon Kennedy and Lady Dimitrescu? That’s excellent news, because as long as a character has appeared in one

You ready to scream? You better be. All episodes in Resident Evil’s first season will be on Netflix this Thursday, July 14.

If you love Netflix originals then you already know the drill. All episodes of Resident Evil will be available to stream on Netflix starting at 3

. Don’t see them right away? Don’t panic. Refresh your Netflix app or browser and they should be there. Sometimes

There certainly is. Packed with zombies, people running for their lives, chainsaws, and cool haircuts, it’s exactly what you’ve come 

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