Website sued by Amazon for buying and selling false reviews in Spain shuts down a week later

Fake reviews on e-commerce stores are nothing new. Amazon knows this is a serious problem on its platform and they try to take action to avoid it. In a press release, the company details all legal actions initiated in Europe and the United States. The first complaint is reported to be registered in Spain.

The complaint in Spain is directed against the buy and sell page Agency Reviews. as reported, Web put customers and vendors in touch Via third party instant messaging. Through this strategy, they were able to bypass Amazon’s controls and negotiate rewards or discounts in exchange for five-star reviews.

After filing a complaint last week, Amazon has found that the agency review website “It is no longer available”, “Despite this, we will continue to seek damages from this infringing service provider,” the company reports.

Amazon reported a few days ago that it was trying to comply with this legal action against Agencia Review. Amendment in unfair competition law In Spain, which attempts to avoid the misleading evaluations encouraged on the network. Dharmesh Mehta, Global Vice President, Sellers Co Services, said, “Holding violators accountable for their actions through filing civil and criminal lawsuits is one of the many steps we have taken to protect our customers so that they can trust our stores. to shop with.” of brand.

Mehta added that Amazon is “also enhancing our store’s robust and advanced detection and prevention systems.” In this way, they intend to eliminate fake reviews in e-commerce and ensure that customers read reviews from other genuine consumers.

The email contains fraudulent files.

Other legal actions to prevent fake reviews

Amazon also introduced A lawsuit against a review website in ItalyWhich claimed to be a list of users willing to put five stars on the products in exchange for a refund.

In the United States, the firm filed ten demands Against reviews of counter-selling pages and other violators trying to tamper with the platform’s rating system. Also, he sent Warning letter to five other German websites who agreed to stop their activities.

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