Weeds, Law & Order and CSI Actress Passed Away on Television and Everyone is Mourning Her Passing

Nicky Ayox

If the name Nicki Aycox doesn’t ring a bell, you might remember Jim Brass’ addiction problem daughter in the famous investigative series CSI Miami; In fiction, a young woman named Ellie appears to complicate her father’s life and put members of the investigation team to work.

The actress also acted in productions such as: Dark Angel, she was a psychotic cheerleader in Jeepers Creepers 2, but established herself as Meg Masters in the first season of the supernatural series; Participated in Criminal Minds as a psychopath Amber Canardo in the chapter “The Perfect Storm”. And from 2009 he gave life to “Jamie Allen” (an undercover Los Angeles police officer) in Dark Blue.

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But unfortunately he left this world after losing the battle with cancer; The actress was diagnosed with leukemia last year; And he fought for his life from the first hour; However, he could not tolerate it any longer and he left this world on 16 November.

Fans are mourning the passing of Nicky Ayox

Nicky Ayox, also remembered for her participation in the police series Law & Order as Kate Westwood in the episode entitled “Bogeyman”. The actress was not married and had no children.

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