What are archived apps and how do they work Google Play’s new function to free up space on mobile

Google finalizes the arrival of archived applicationsa function that would allow users of Android Free up memory space on your mobile devices without completely uninstalling these programs.

The ‘collection’ of applications will be managed directly in Google PlayFrom the ‘Manage devices and apps’ section, where the user will find the complete list of programs installed on him Mobile phone,

process, Shared on Twitter by @AassemblyDebugAppears to be available only for the Google News app at this time, which with the box on the right, when selected, shows the following window with information about what it is and two options: ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Archive’,

As Google Play states, If ‘archive’ option is selected the application will be uninstalled, but not completelyBut the data and files associated with it will be kept, so that when the user decides to use it again, they can download it and use it at the point where they left it.

Google announced this system in March for archiving applications, aimed at freeing up memory space on mobile devices without deleting them. they make sure you can Save up to 60% of the space they occupy,

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