What are the benefits of Rosemary tea and how to prepare it, according to experts

Rosemary tea primarily helps in relieving pain caused by flatulence (Photo: Vanaspati/Twitter)

Rosemary Herb Tea It is distinguished from others by its distinctive taste and aroma, apart from the health benefits it offers. This plant is scientifically known as Rosemary Officinalis and compounds like Flavonoids, Terpenes and Acids that gives you antioxidant properties,

Such a drink can be easily prepared at home; However, it is important to be careful about their consumption while taking the drug, which is why it is necessary to consult a doctor before doing so to avoid complications, as published in an article. your health in spanish,

, improves digestion: Tea can be taken after lunch or in dinner also helps in improving digestion process deal with heartburn And this excess gasDue to which constipation, feeling of fullness all the time and loss of appetite is reduced.

, natural antibiotic: Due to its medicinal properties it has a antibiotic action, there are cases in which it is more effective, for example; against urine infection, vomiting why Diarrhea,

Rosemary infusion helps improve digestion (Photo: Wikipedia)
Rosemary infusion helps improve digestion (Photo: Wikipedia)

, diuretic: henna is a natural diuretic that can be used in food reduce weight and to combat fluid retention In the body, as tea increases urine production and stimulates the body to eliminate excess fluid and accumulated toxins.

, fight mental fatigue: Henna helps in periods of stress, For example; In addition, its properties can help before or during an exam fight the onset of alzheimer’s or preventing memory loss.

, helps cleanse the liver: Also improves organ functioning reduces headache acquired from excess food intake, mainly with high fat or alcoholic beverages,

However, it is important to remember that it cannot be used in cases of liver disease without medical treatment.

, helps control diabetes: That’s why low glucose why increases insulinBut the intake of medicines suggested by the experts should not be ignored, as it only works as a natural supplement.

Thanks to the properties of henna, this canva improves blood circulation
Thanks to the properties of henna, this canva improves blood circulation

, fight inflammation: Relieves pain, swelling and discomfort caused by inflammation of knee, tendonitis why gastritis,

, improves circulation: since it has a antiplatelet effectIt is very useful for people who suffer from circulatory problems or who are on prolonged rest and prevents the formation of thrombi.

, promotes hair growth: Rosemary tea without sugar can be used to wash your hair strengthens the rootsSo that Fights excessive oiliness and dandruff, It helps in its growth as it improves the circulation of the scalp.

To make tea it will be necessary to have at hand: 5 grams fresh rosemary leaves why 250 ml boiling water,

it will do Put rosemary in water and keep it covered for 3 to 5 minutesThen you have to filter it and drink it without sweetening it. Can be taken up to 3 times a dayWhile the remaining infusion can be used to wash the hair, it is essential not to exceed the recommended amount of intake.

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