What could have gone wrong with blowing up the Aquadome? How do you manage the water pressure in a mega aquarium like this?

Aquadome, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium It exploded this morning due to unknown reasons. The Mega Aquarium is located inside the Radisson Collection Hotel (Berlin) and the explosion sent millions of liters of salt water and 1,500 tropical fish spilling over the building and onto the street.

A spokesman for the fire department said, “The water from this aquarium has almost completely seeped inside the building and onto Karl Liebknecht street.” Although the cause of the explosion is unknown, the source gave detailed information about the regional chain RBB Caused by “high aquarium water pressure” and he has “carried many things forward”. In addition, two people received minor injuries from shards of glass and are currently in the hospital.

aquadome water pressure

Aquarium glass supports a constant high water pressure, so they are typically designed to reduce the risk of explosions such as the Aquadome. In the case of this mega aquarium it was built synthetic glass And it had a diameter of 11.5 meters and a height of 16 meters and contained 900,000 liters of salt water inside.

According to various German media outlets, officials state that the breakdown of the aquarium is the result of physical fatigueHowever, the investigation into the reasons is on.

The oil tanker Prestige sank off the coast of Finisterre (Galicia) in 2002.

Notably, the glass used by Aquadome was the widely used acrylic in aquariums. Since the 70s. This type of glass is much more wear resistant than traditional glass, although it does require a thicker base.

acrylic glass Better withstands seismic movements and shocks, high pressure and can withstand bending without risk of microcracks And, usually, they are glued with silicone, although German turnbuckles can also be used, but they are more expensive. This type of material does not prevent leaks or explosions in the aquarium, however, it does make them more unusual.

The AquaDom was inaugurated in December 2003 and its development cost 12.8 million euros. It was recently closed for two and a half years Restoration work at a cost of 2.6 crores Euro and reopened in the summer of 2020.

During the work of more than two years, The silicone joints were renewed and the bottom of the aquarium was cleaned. However, it seems that this is not enough for the mega-construction to withstand nearly two decades of corrosion.

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