What happened in “House of the Dragon” Episode 9: Aegon is crowned, Rainis escapes and more

,dragon houseIts ninth episode premiered, which was full of tension and had an impressive ending. series on the occasion hbo max centered on King’s Landing, where Hare He made his first play for the Iron Throne.

After Chapter 8. The death of King Viserys Targaryen in, the struggle over succession was going to be imminent. Especially after Alicent Hightower misinterpret last words of the king,

also with the return of Rainira and her family to Rocadragon, the court was left at the mercy of the Hightowers, who long ago longed for greater power. Next, we’ll do Summary of Everything That Happened in Episode 9 of “House of the Dragon”,

What Happened in Episode 9 of “House of the Dragon”?

5. Meeting of the Green Council

Alicent Hightower is informed of Viserys’ death., hence the meeting of the Green Council, which also includes members of the Privy Council such as Lord Beesbury. The queen told him of the late emperor’s last wish, which stated that her son Aegon should be king.

Otto Hightower Y Tyland Lannister They start discussing the plans they already had in mind to secure the crown for Aegon II Targaryen And Alicent learns that They had been planning this long before Viserys died.without his knowledge.

The only member of the council who is against it is Lord Lyman Beesbury.Who assures that it will be treason. ser kristen cole He loses his temper again and pushes Jehovah very hard, due to which his head exploded and he died,

a collision occurs Harold Westerlingwho decides to resign as Lord Commander of the Royal Guard When Otto Hightower orders him to travel to Dragonstone to assassinate Rainera. Alicent is also against killing Rainera and Damon.Well, Viserys didn’t want that.

The Green Council meets, but after the murder of Lord Beesbury, Harold Westerlind and Kristen Cole clash.  episode 9 "dragon house" (Photo: HBO)
The Green Council meets, but after the murder of Lord Beesbury, Harold Westerlind and Kristen Cole clash. Episode 9 of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

4. People loyal to Rennes and Renera are locked up

To keep the king’s death a secret and buy time, Otto Hightower Send all the servants who knew about this fact to the palace celleither. At the same time, Raines Targaryenwho was still in court, locked in her room,

Meanwhile, representatives of the Houses of Westeros who are in the Red Keep Forced to swear allegiance to Aegon, the few that are left Those loyal to Rainera, like House Fail, are sent to the dungeons,

lord caswell kneel to maintain appearances, but then Try to escape from the palace to inform the princess About what the Greens are doing. However, when he is about to leave, he is captured. Larry Strong reveals the plans he had and was loyal to Lord Renera Hanged for “traitor”,

On the other hand, Alicent Hightower goes to Rennes Targaryen and asks you to support himBut she refuses.

Lady Fell says that her house will remain faithful to Renera's appointment as heir in episode 9. "dragon house" (Photo: HBO)
Lady Fell confirms that her house will remain faithful to Renera’s appointment in episode 9 of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

3. They search for Aegon in King’s Landing

When they go to look for Aegon in his and his wife’s chambers, they discover that the prince is not inside the Red Keep. Otto Hightower secretly sends Erik and Erik Kargil to find the young man.Emphasizing that he should be brought to her immediately.

for its part, amondo And Kristen does the same thing on behalf of the queen, because whoever finds him first will influence the decision he makes regarding Rainera. they try first Calle de las Cedas, where the most prestigious brothels are, However, he is informed that the prince has not been there for years and that he tastes less delicate.

Erik Cargill, who served as Aegon’s personal guardgoes with his twin flea litter and tries to show his brother that Prince has not been made king, In addition, it also teaches you that Many bastards have left Everywhere.

The White Worm, who is actually Massaria, approaches the twins and requests an audience with the king’s hand. In exchange for gold and a promise to break up clandestine conflicts They use small children as fighting cocks, Massaria find out where she has the prince,

The twins find him, but then cross paths with Kristen Cole and Amond Targaryen. Aegon tries to escape and begs his brother to let him go. On a ship, because he doesn’t want to be king. Amond agrees, thinking she herself is a better option, but Cole takes her to his mother.

Aegon II Targaryen asked his brother, Amond Targaryen, to let him escape, as he did not want to be king.  episode 9 "dragon house" (Photo: HBO)
Aegon II Targaryen asked his brother, Amond Targaryen, to let him escape, as he did not want to be king. Episode 9 of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

2. Larry Strong Burns Down White Worm’s House

lari strong informs the queen that her father, Otto Hightower allows a network of spies controlled by the Gray Worm to exist Which is as close as Alicent’s servant Talya.

Their conversation reveals that Larry is not merely serving the Queen with the Hightower, but instead, Indulging Her Fetish: Podophilia, when he assures you that he can take care to end it Rooted out, the queen accepts it and let her masturbate while watching her feets.

Then we see one of his killers, probably one of those who served him to murder him. harvin strongYou The house where Massaria lived is on fire,

Gray Worm/Massaria's house was burned down in episode 9 of "dragon house" (Photo: HBO)
Gray Worm / Massaria’s house was burned down in episode 9 of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

1. The Coronation of Aegon and the Flight of Rennes

Eric Cargill decides to free Rainis from captivity in his room and helps him escape through the secret passage of the palace. The two intended to escape by boat, but were eventually separated by a crowd of people.

Aegon Targaryen continues to refuse to be crownedBut when his mother hands him the Valyrian Steel Dagger Viserys, he decides to play along forever. Alicent Hightower tries to convince him not to listen to his grandfather Otto when he suggests killing his sister Renera.,

The coronation takes place in the Dragon WellWhich is convenient for Raines, who wanted to find his animal, Mélis. Kristen Cole Corona and Aegon II Targaryen Along with the piece that the conqueror took and gave him his Valyrian steel sword, Blackfire (Black Fire).

When he is proclaimed king of the seven kingdoms and people praise him, This seems to convince him, at last, to assume his power., At the same time, Otto Hightower He seems pleased with what he has achieved, his eyes gleaming at the support of the crowd.

Even then, The ceremony is interrupted by Reneus and his dragon, Melis, who make their way through the field.probably referring to Helena’s words “l”an animal under the board, When the Greens thought “The Queen Who Never Was” would burn them all alive, she decided to turn around and walk away.,

Mélis, the dragon of Renis, roars in the Greens after crowning Aegon in episode 9 "dragon house"But decides not to kill them (Photo: HBO)
After crowning Aegon in “House of the Dragon” Episode 9, Meles, Rainis’s dragon, roars at the Greens, but decides not to kill them (Photo: HBO)

More about “Dragon’s House”

Fact Sheet “Home of the Dragon”

  • Original Name: “Dragon’s House”
  • gender: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama
  • country of origin: America
  • Actual language: English
  • the creator: Ryan J. Kondal and George RR Martin
  • Song: Ramin Javadi
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
  • Broadcaster: HBO
  • season’s: 1
  • Number of episodes: 10
  • Release Date: 21 August 2022

The Best Moments of “Dragon’s House”

one of the first moments of New series based on “Game of Thrones” It was anticipated how brutal the production would be, recreating the tense moment in which the queen dies.

scene a. happens before the eyes of King Viserys I That he suffers at the loss of his partner, a condition that over the years has gone through a dangerous process that Amma describes in the series, indicating: “Children’s bed is our battlefield“Learn more here.

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