What happens when WhatsApp is down? Have conversations and contacts been deleted?

WhatsApp was down already before 9 am across the world. Users were alerted via downdetector about the impossibility of sending messages from the platform. half an hour ago, problems have been resolved And everything is back to normal.

Prior to this outage, a few others had also paralyzed conversations around the app around the world, such as on October 4, 2021, which was a major outage of Meta’s online services. This year, the most infamous was April 28, although there have been other failures in these months.

Some users may fear that their conversations or contacts will be deleted due to WhatsApp crash, however, that never happened and this time there was no exception. During these two hours, Twitter has been flooded with funny posts about another new downfall of the private social network and The word ‘WhatsApp’ has become a trending topic. However, this is not the only thing that happens when Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging app is down.

They are not compatible with the update.

many users download telegram

As of October last year, Telegram gained nearly 50 million new users and it was not an occasional thing. there are many people who Choose to Download Alternatives to WhatsApp When It Drops And Telegram seems to be one of the favourites.

Despite the fact that the October 2021 numbers are very difficult to replicate, as this massive global drop lasted several hours, downloads from Telegram and other messaging platforms remain a fact. However, few people know that Telegram conversations may finally be deleted If the app is not used frequently.

There are many alternative instant messaging applications to WhatsApp.

When someone makes a telegram, Your account will be deleted if not used for six months. From the ‘Settings’ of the application, users can change this, but there are some who do not know it and, while trying to recover conversations from previous WhatsApp crashes, found that they did not have an account.

To prevent this from happening, Internet users will need to access the platform’s ‘Settings’, go to ‘Privacy and security’ and look for the ‘Delete my account’ section. There, they can modify the length of time the user must be inactive to remove it: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year. Although it does not allow unlimited accounts without login, people can modify this feature to take longer to remove.

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