What if an asteroid like Dimorphos collides with Earth?

According to NASAis considered Dangerous Any celestial object that is greater than 140 meters in diameter and may reach less than 10 million kilometers Ground. Dimorphos is about 160 meters long and 11 million kilometers away, so it currently poses no threat to our planet.

In astronomyNear-Earth Objects – better known in English by their acronym NEO, acronym for near earth object– Son Comets and asteroids trapped by the attraction of the Sun or various planetsIn classes that can bring them around our world.

Over the years, many observatories in different parts of our planet have been scanning the night sky in search of one of these harmful visitors. So far, about 20,000 asteroids have been discovered whose orbit can bring them closer to our planet, Of these, 5,000 are in the NEO classification. However, NASA has assured that there is currently no risk for the next 100 years—though only about 40% of these objects are tracked.

Currently, most asteroids Those that may represent a real threat are of ‘small’ dimensions. to get an idea, The diameter of the one who killed the dinosaur was about ten kilometersWhile most of those that have been listed are no more than a few hundred meters.

Table of damages that an asteroid could inflict against Earth, according to NASA.

We’d have to be in the path of a 10,000-meter-diameter asteroid to happen before a total destroyer, although one in 1,000 may already lead to global catastrophe and possible collapse of civilization. The good news is that these types of objects are very rare and their collision frequency Earth It happens 1 every 100-200 million years.

an asteroid of a few meters It would arise from initial fission upon exposure to our atmosphere, and apart from a certain brightness and certain meteorites, won’t have big consequences,

if someone likes asteroids dimorphosmedium sized, came to earth Total devastation of an area equal to a province, would cause massive loss of life and a crater of 1-2 km diameter, The frequency of collision of such an object is about 1 every 20,000 years, but it is estimated that there are about 25,000 such celestial bodies hidden there.

Asteroid Dimorphos to scale with Colosseum in Rome.
Asteroid Dimorphos to scale with Colosseum in Rome.

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