What is a debris-pile asteroid, the internal structure is thought to dimorphose

NASA has managed to Its DART probe hit the asteroid Dimorphos. hit successfully, 160 m diameter. It orbits around the space body Didymos, which has a diameter of 780 meters, and is believed to be a rubble-pile-type asteroid.

Dr Carolyn Ernst, instrument scientist for the DART camera system, explained to the BBC: “It looks in a lot of ways like some other small asteroids we’ve seen, and they’re also covered in rocks. We suspect it may be a pile of rubbleSlightly consolidated”.

What is an Asteroid Pile of Debris?

Astronomers classify those celestial bodies as debris pile-type asteroids that move around in space and are, in fact, the union of a large number of rock fragments due to gravity. these space objects They are usually of low density.Because they have different gaps between the different parts that make it up.

Most small asteroids are believed to be of the rubble pile type. your body is made of fragments of other asteroids or natural satellites Which breaks into pieces when it collides with another space object.

On June 11, it will again pass close to the Earth.

When a debris-pile meteorite passes close to a large space object, it can cause the object to follow its orbit. For example, it is believed that ForbesThe larger of Mars’ two natural satellites, is made up of a lot of space debris.

It is also estimated that Ryudu. determineTwo near-Earth low-density asteroids may be the rubble pile type.

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