What is the difference between aerothermal energy and heat pump?

Heat pumps are heating systems that receiving heat from different parts for sending it inside the building (It can be home, office or store). To do this, you need various components, which we have already talked about in one of the articles.

Depending on where you get your heat from, we can talk about different types of heat pumps. For example, if it is obtained from water, we would be talking about a hydro terminus, if it is extracted from the earth, we will call it geothermal, If it is received from the air, it will be a aerothermia,

Many users believe that heat pump and geothermal energy are synonymous, as we are more used to seeing heat pumps that extract heat from air than water or ground. However, there are other methods of heat extraction (already mentioned), so it is not a way to call a geothermal energy heat pump, but A type of heat pump.

Graph showing the air conditioning process of a heat pump.

these heating systems Get energy from external, free and sustainable sources, So they are a good choice when choosing air conditioning equipment for winter. Furthermore, the same process can be used for refrigeration systems through cold pumps.

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