What is the goal of NASA’s Artemis I mission?

After several failed attempts and last-minute inconveniences, everything was ready for Artemis I to take off and set course for the Moon at 7:46 Spanish Peninsular Time.

Keeping this in mind, this NASA space program makes it possible to resume the journey of the Earth’s satellite. First mission will go without crew Thanks to the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft.

to be more precise, This set will go 64,000 km from the lunar surface To enter a retrograde orbit away from the satellite.

The main objective is to verify The spacecraft is capable of performing necessary maneuvers to guarantee stability and safety during its journey to the satelliteExcept for re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed without any damage.

On the other hand, it also seeks to demonstrate that the heat shield of the Orion spacecraft is safe in high temperature conditions, guaranteeing that the SLS rocket can perform the required operations, Check communication and navigation systemsCheck that the optical systems or CubeSats are valid for deployment study deep spaceAnd finally, the mission will be able to test the GN&C (advanced guidance, navigation and control system, in Spanish).

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