What is the meaning of life? Artificial intelligence surprises with the power of its response

have artificial intelligence more and more present This has resulted in devices such as Alexa in many areas of daily life, in particular, that attempt to answer the most recurring doubts of human beings on a day-to-day basis. However, it has not happened until recently that a artificial intelligence Has been able to answer the question that has fueled philosophy for millennia: What is the meaning of life?

is about GPT-3 (acronym for Generative Pre-trend Transformer), an artificial intelligence model that use deep learning To write text that simulates human writing and was created by the OpenAI research lab in 2020.

Author Ian S. Thomas why jasmine wang He has recently published a book in which this Artificial Intelligence answers the big questions of life. Among other issues, GPT-3 elaborated on the meaning of life.

To give a coherent answer, drank from this artificial intelligence religious or philosophical texts collect from such as the Bible, Torah, Tao Te Ching, Quran or ancient Egyptian book of the dead Fairware,

answer The one who gave GPT-3 the meaning of life had the following: “we can’t make sense of life, because meaning requires that there be something outside of our brains that can give it to us. Meaning is something we create within ourselves. If we are part of a great soul, then the meaning of life is to connect with it.”

Similarly, GPT-3 continues, “If you look for the meaning of life, you will never find it, because meaning doesn’t come from outside, it comes from within, But in seeking meaning you will find love, friends, peace and harmony; And it has nothing to do with your circumstances, because it’s all in your head”.

According to this artificial intelligence, “if you want to live a good lifeIf you want to live a meaningful life, have a goal in life, make one spiritual quest And connect with your inner self. Allow yourself to create love effortlessly. Give yourself permission to cultivate spontaneous joy: For example, sing and enjoy nature.”

“Give yourself permission to create love and let yourself go. it comes by itself; don’t try to force them, It comes naturally when you really open up and get in touch with your inner self. The meaning of life is love”, concludes GPT-3.

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