What Sebastian Rulli Owes To Angelique Boyer And He’ll Never Be Able To Pay Her

Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer

No one can hide or deny that Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer are one of the public’s favorite couples; And it is that they have won the hearts of the public on and off screen, since their love is born in a soap opera in which both participated.

But one dream they haven’t fulfilled for fans is to get married or have kids, and that is despite being together for over 8 years, they have mentioned that having kids is not in their plans Or go to the altar.

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something that Sebastian had already done with his ex, Cecilia Galliano, with whom he married and had a son, Santiago. The couple has been together since 2007 and got divorced in 2011 amidst a legal struggle, which turned out to be successful, as they decided to leave everything behind and come together for the good of Santiago.

Santiago gets along great with Angelique Boyer

And it is precisely the relationship that Angelique has made with Santiago that Sebastian can never repay; Well, for all those who have children, they know that sooner or later the new couple will be related to the little ones and it is important that respect and love are present, but this is not a problem because Angelique is the companion of Santiago’s games and pranks Yes, in the videos and pictures shared by celebrities, they have been seen doing something similar.

Sebastian Rulli, Angelique Boyer and Santiago RulliSebasti

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