What should be your baby’s first mobile?

buy baby first mobile This is one of the challenges that many families face and it can be one of the ideas that appear at home for the upcoming celebration. black Friday,

Although there is no right age to take actionThe truth is that minors They use technologies first and foremost to communicate with their environment, feel integrated into their group of friends and cope with societal pressures.

According to survey data on equipment and use of information and communication technologies in households offline, 22% of children have a mobile phone by the age of 10; 11, with 38.1%; 63.9% by age 12, and this figure reaches 93% by age 15,

Digital education, maturity and autonomy of the minor There are key indicators that parents should keep in mind when making this decision, which also means choosing mobile Best suited for your needs.

updated mobile option

When it comes to buying their children’s first mobile, more and more families are opting for refurbished phones. For example, during the start of the school year, a peak moment for mobile shopping, Refurbished device company SMAAART registers 34% growth in saleswhich shows this trend.

According to Jacqueline Pistoulet, country manager for SMAAART in Spain, “The main impulse for parents is the economic and environmental savings of these phones compared to new onesHowever, they also have to ensure that the mobile is quality and working with guarantee.

Para Smart, Children’s first mobile should meet four basic needs,

loss Smartphones The latest generation has high prices that many parents are reluctant to pay, especially considering are more likely to lose or harm minors, In SMAAART, refurbished phones are 30% to 50% cheaper than new mobiles, so you will find options from 100 euros across brands. samsung, iPhone You Huawei,

High-end mobiles include modern and complex features that a pre-teen kid might not need, In contrast, SMAAART experts recommend that the phone offers easy navigation and has the basics of communicating with your friends, accessing educational games, and taking your first pictures or videos. In addition, it should be a lightweight, resistant and easy to hold tool.

  • functional and guaranteed

Although children’s first phone should be simple, It is also important that it be reliable, Jacqueline Pistoulet says, “Our commitment is that mobiles are 100% functional and for this, we repair terminals following an industrial process with 58 control points and 8 graded steps.” Too, All mobiles provide 24 months warranty, which is the same as a new one,

Choose a refurbished phone instead of a new phone A great way to educate kids about caring for the planet, since 80% of a mobile’s environmental footprint comes from its manufacture. For each refurbished phone, 83kg of CO2 is emitted, 259kg of raw material extraction and 80m3 of water usage are saved, an effect you can avoid with responsible purchases.

The official day will be Friday, November 25, although some stores may extend their promotions.

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