What technological advances have been made in the construction of the new headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency in Seville?

Seville is the city chosen to host the Spanish Space Agency, a scientific and technical project Which will coordinate specialized organizations in the aerospace sector.

During the decision taken by the Council of Ministers, a series of parameters were taken into account, such as the financial cost of building the headquarters, support measures for employees or the transfer of real estate. However, the capital city of Seville had strong national and international ties to the south of Spain, where aerospace research environment,

The headquarters shall be located in the Business Resource Center (CREA, for its abbreviation) and shall be Operational in Q1 2023,

The area of ​​CREA is more than three thousand square meters, but it covers the necessary infrastructure in terms of technology. digital communication With the aim of coordinating activities and policies on space.

spanish space agency will provide services For earth observation, navigation, security, monitoring of environmental phenomena and fight against climate change.

These objectives will be achieved thanks to the technology of 3D printing, satellite and spacecraft development, incorporating flight hardware, manufacturing support and using artificial intelligence,

Seville, on the other hand, established itself in this industry with the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park, also known as Aeropolis (in which companies from the region are concentrated, such as Airbus, ITP, Ernova and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC).

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