What to do if your Instagram account is blocked: Will you have to wait? Will I lose users?

Thousands of users on Instagram have been affected by a problem on the platform. As reported on Twitter, their accounts have been suspended and even Some say that he has lost followers.

The developers of the app are aware of the bug and say they are investigating it. This message encourages us to think that all the problems that have arisen due to the global collapse of Instagram will be solved.

Some users have started regaining access to their accounts without doing anything, However, if this is not your case, you can oppose Instagram’s decision to suspend your account so that they will review your request and recover it as soon as possible.

Although most of those affected are regaining control of their accounts, many complain that they have lost many followers. There is no solution for this platform error and We’ll have to wait for Instagram to fix this.

Many are of the opinion that the loss of followers is actually cleansing. Bots by social networks. However, these are just assumptions and the only official data that exists from Instagram is that this is a problem they are already trying to solve.

Most likely, Instagram will solve coming soon Ruling and affected users recover their accounts and followers.

The error can be exploited by cybercriminals

According to affected users, Instagram blocked their accounts for no apparent reason and when they tried to activate it, they received an SMS with an invalid code. This inconvenience can be exploited by cyber criminals To get the credentials of the social network.

With 20BITS we recommend not to give login data outside the platform or provide any verification code that comes via SMS. it is recommended Wait for Instagram to fix the problem And don’t try anything on third party websites.

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