What We Always Suspected About Zombies In The Walking Dead’s Final Season

The Walking Dead ended with season 11 and its fans are still debating what happened. With all the details he has provided on the various mysteries presented by the series, many believe he has revealed why some zombies are intelligent and others are not.

the walking dead It has just wrapped up the final leg of its 11th season on the network AMC, one marked by unexpected deaths and potential casualties that will leave fans devastated. However, everyone is happy as the spin-off will continue the action they got from the zombie drama which has already been announced and will be releasing soon.

On this occasion the series surprised with a new variation on the origin story which included the death of a character. Although everyone hated it, no one expected The Walking Dead writers to choose to remove it, let alone do it the way they did. Besides being fair to some, it was also poetic, if you will. But at the same time, The Walking Dead Season 11 tackled a plotline that wanted to end the series several years ago. It’s about intelligent zombies, which fans first saw as a little girl chasing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the first episode of the series, holding a teddy bear.

That’s pretty sentimental for The Walking Dead’s brain-eating monster. The same thing happened to Morgan’s zombie wife (be james) who tried to return to his house by turning the latch of the door. At one point in the first season, Rick and Glenn (steven yeun, But since then, zombies have gotten stupider. Over the years many attempts have been made to explain the phenomenon, including the idea that the new walkers were still unconsciously clinging to their human lives. but then, How do you explain the existence of new but silly zombies that appear in later seasons?

You also can’t say that the infection was any different when the outbreak started because that would mean the zombies would have to be a lot smarter than they were in the first season of Fear the Walking Dead. Luckily, the writers eventually realized this detail and as a result, finally came up with an answer that made sense while still being innocent.

The real reason The Walking Dead zombies are intelligent

The Walking Dead finally reveals why zombies are sometimes smart

The explanation came with The Walking Dead season 11 episode 19 in which Aaron, Lydia, Jerry and Elijah are trying to avoid several walkers who are so smart they believe they are part of the Whisperer community. When they discover that they are a different species of walkers, after trying to remove what they thought were masks, they come to the conclusion that they are different from those they already know. Were.,

After the episode, The Walking Dead’s chief content officer, Scott M. Gimple, explained that zombies are indeed different and some are probably more intelligent than others because they come from different regions. An answer that may seem simplistic to most fans but is quite logical.

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