What Yolanda Andrade did to Veronica Castro’s biggest madness

Yolanda Andrade assures he is married to Veronica Castro in Amsterdam

Driver yolanda andrade He did not hesitate to offer new details of his relationship with Veronica Castro, Although the famous soap opera star never admitted that he had anything to do with her.

This week the story of the relationship between Andrade and Castro reappeared as Yolanda offered an interview for the television channel. Pandora member Isabel Lascure’s YouTube.

Although Yolanda talked about her Romance Thief Montserrat OliverSure, the subject of Veronica Castro couldn’t be missing and the presenter didn’t hesitate to share some details that show off their bond.

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?Lascurean asked him at the end of his 47-minute interview.

Andrade without much thought began to narrate an anecdote that happened in the capital of France.

,I went to Paris looking for Veronica. I got off the plane and started looking and I found him,” he recalled.

According to the hero of the soap opera secret intentions You family portraitHe didn’t even know which hotel he was staying in as they were fighting, but he didn’t mind traveling to Europe without any certainty as he wanted to settle things with the star.

“He didn’t tell me what hotel he was in because we fought, She was in Paris and I arrived with my little suitcase and I was on the streets. I found her, thank God the receptionist was Argentinian and since we had already stayed at that hotel on another occasion, I said to the Argentine: ‘I’m here looking for Veronica Castro’ and he talked to her.

The scandal over the relationship between Castro and Yolanda Andrade came to light in 2019 (Instagram)
The scandal over the relationship between Castro and Yolanda Andrade came to light in 2019 (Instagram)

“It can’t be that he was traveling there for 14 hours without knowing where he was, on a hunch. I don’t know, it was really crazy and look I’m not saying anything bad, i’m counting The most exciting and beautiful one made for love. I went to see him to tell him: ‘Here I am, I love you,'” Andrade explained.

It was in 2019 when details of the alleged romance surfaced. Although the actresses had a close friendship, doubts began when the presenter commented on Montserrat Oliver’s YouTube channel that years earlier he had married a woman in a ceremony in Amsterdam.

“We got married symbolically, but I can’t say who that person is, not me. I can’t talk about him because he’s a public figure and he’s very famous, so I can’t say I haven’t asked him,” Yolanda told the media shortly after.

Rumors arose about who the famous lady would be and everything escalated when Andrade was Interviewed by Javier Pozza in his radio program in September 2019.

Yolanda Andrade and Veronica Castro at Big Brother VIP in 2003
Yolanda Andrade and Veronica Castro at Big Brother VIP in 2003

“Oh, of course, I’m married. Yes Javier Since there is no divorce yet, I don’t know if I am still married or not., I married a wonderful woman you know. We were in that love in that moment… that happened. We got married in Amsterdam, it was a great moment. I can’t tell you what year they’re going to do maths.”

Pozza mentions Veronica Castro’s name several times, and although Yolanda did not openly admit it at the time, she did provide clues that pointed to its protagonist. wild Rose, “It was more or less around the time elder brother, I was a stepmother of two (who could have been Michelle and Cristian Castro). Well, it was like, I don’t know what the problem is (confirming it),” said Yolanda, who later noted “in the name of our friendship, I want Veronica Castro to deny me.”

Castro didn’t like Andrade’s statement at all and spoke for the radio program for all womenEven if in a very different tone. “Sadly, I didn’t get married, I never got married. I’ve been married many times as a joke, but not really. More than a joke… a lack of respect after so many years. Things out of context Got out, it’s not funny anymore. I loved Yolanda so much, I loved her so much, I don’t love her anymore, I already told him that not now, because it’s already gone from funny and nice, it’s already turned aggressive.

The dispute continued for months with each defending his or her side. Yolanda even claimed that she had proof of the ceremony. “Veronica must calm down, because I have the truth, I have it on video, in pictures, I have it in my soul, in my heart, in my head,” he said.

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