What’s left to count in the House? Republicans close to majority

House Republicans are in position to reach the 218 seats they need to flip the House midterm elections, As of Tuesday night, CBS News projects Republicans will win at least 217 seats, while Democrats are projected to win at least 211 seats.

With the GOP just one seat away from securing a majority, CBS News characterizes the race for control of the House as likely Republican.

There are nine outstanding races left to be called. There are seven toss-ups, and one seat leans Republican and the other is projected to be Likely Republican.

On election day, Sarah Chamberlain, chair of the Republican Main Street Partnership group, which works with more moderate House Republicans, predicted that the Republican margin “will amount to just a few seats, and it shouldn’t.”

“It should have been a landslide, clearly,” she said.

In the primaries, Chamberlain’s group supported Republican candidates such as Reps. Peter Meijer of Michigan and House Republican Jamie Herrera-Beitler, who were targeted by former President Donald Trump. Chamberlain argued that the moderate, mainstream candidate chosen by his group would be more competitive in the general election than the further right candidates who defeated him and were on the ballot.

She said that the issue of candidate quality, as well as a disconnect between Trump and the rest of the Republican establishment, was one of the reasons the fight for House control was so close.

“I don’t think Trump is going away,” Chamberlain said. “We need to make better decisions with Trump. I think some of Trump’s nominees hurt us on Tuesday. And so we need to work together as a party and move forward.”

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