WhatsApp communities are here: ‘Groups 2.0’ to organize conversations based on common topics

As predicted at the beginning of the year, Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that the deployment of communities in WhatsApp has begun.

community of WhatsApp allow people Bringing together different groups under one ‘umbrella group’ with a definite structure,

People can get updates sent to the entire community and easily organize small discussion groups about what matters to them.

Communities will also have new tools for administrators, such as Messages for announcements—which are sent to everyone—and control over who can join,

Meta announced communities in April of this year and this summer the exclusive portal WABetaInfo found this functionality in the latest beta update of WhatsApp for Android, where there was already a possibility to create a community by adding 10 group chats.

“We are working hard to build community, this is an important update that people will be able to join the WhatsApp groups they are most interested in,” the company says in its blog. of stage, “that everyone will be able to enjoy in the next few months”,

With this update “it is possible to combine multiple groups, such as neighborhoods, school parents and work communities, into a common group to conduct group conversations on WhatsApp.” To start, Tap the New Community tab top of chat Android or on the floor iOS, From there you can start a new community right away or add existing groups.

Examples of communities.

Once you are in a community, You can easily switch groups to get the information you needWhen you need it, and admins can send important news to all their members.

“Together with communities, we want to raise standards in how organizations communicate Unprecedented level of privacy and security“The company says zuckerberg,

Meta has also announced other new and improved features.
Meta has also announced other new and improved features.

more new features

Too, WhatsApp also introduces many new or improved featureswhich will be available to both groups As for communities:

  • Voting in conversations, to make decisions in a group without spamming everyone in the chat.
  • Expand video calls up to 32 people, for those times when you need to come together as a group.
  • Groups with up to 1024 users.

exactly the same as reactions with emojisAbility to share large files and remove administrators, these functions can be used in any group, but They will be especially useful in communities,

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