WhatsApp is working on a fix so you can compose links within states

meta wants user Can access the content of the shared link from the United States by whatsapp. Now, only certain URLs such as YouTube videos can be displayed in the instant messaging app’s ‘Stories’, however, WABetaInfo has reported that that is about to change.

As reported in a publication, WhatsApp developers are testing a feature that would allow other Internet users to click on a link shared by someone in their states. this functionality Could encourage more people to use these posts in the last 24 hours On the stage.

The tool is being tested on WhatsApp beta version and it is not yet known how they will allow users to share links. However, it is expected that it will be done in the same way as it is done on Instagram. Where this is done by stickers.

it’s not just novelty WhatsApp is bringing in to improve the experience of its users. We recently talked about others, such as group chats with up to 1024 users, WhatsApp Premium, blocking screenshots and the new ‘Privacy’ section of ‘Settings’.

WhatsApp doesn't stop giving us news, but its competitors have tasks that aren't there yet.

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