WhatsApp launches group calls of up to 32 participants (and you can mute contacts)

WhatsApp has announced the launch of calls that can have up to 32 participants. and other related news groupsSuch as the ability to mute or send messages to these contacts during audio and video conferences.

Meta CEO, mark zuckerbergannounced late last September that the company had begun testing its new video call formatwhen he call link,

with this new tool applicationthe platform awaits Make it easy to start and join calls, voice or video, or both, with a single tap on the screenJust like other services like Meet already do.

now meta yes Launched these features globally and announced that it has launched calls for up to 32 peopleThat is, four times the amount already approved.

forum user Can mute participants during call individually, Similarly, they will be able to send messages during these calls through a separate chat individual.

Another innovation included in this update of WhatsApp have the ability to create group call linkWhich can be shared with other contacts so that they can join the conversation with one touch and the admin does not need to add them to the said call manually.

Finally, the company social network clarified that it has made “functional changes for a more fluid call experience”, among which are New colors for sound waves in video calls or through notification Banner what announce that a new participant has joined them,

He also recalled that in the picture-in-picture system iOS now in beta testing -a Floating window feature outside the app during video call That’s what WABetaInfo warned a few days ago – and it will come into force in 2023.

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