WhatsApp shared a guide for sending audio: “Don’t record podcasts”

Thanks to end-to-end encryption, convenience and speed, WhatsApp Audio has become the perfect format for sharing stories by voice.

Recordings may last a few seconds or they may become authentic speech, therefore, they should be sent carefully so that they are not overwhelming.

The instant messaging app teamed up with professional etiquette expert Joe Bryant to share the best Tips on how to send audio.

1) Don’t record podcasts

need recording last between one minute and two minutesThat is, if it is too long to write but too short to call, that length will be correct.

2) split audio

If you can’t shorten the message, there is a possibility to split it into smaller and send them separately,

3) Minimize questions

You have to keep in mind that how many questions are asked in a single voice note so that the recipient does not forget the information.

WhatsApp doesn't stop giving us news, but its competitors have tasks that aren't there yet.

4) Try to answer with audio

If the user receives a voice message, try to return it. a double voice talk This is much better than a one-sided monologue.

5) Play the recording carefully

Playing the audio out loud can be annoying to people around you, or the message may contain private information, so you have to keep your voice low hey use headphones In crowded places.

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