WhatsApp starts rolling out its own community service: what are they and how do they work

WhatsApp has been preparing for this for a long time ‘community’, Which are groups within groups and will allow for more organized chats across messaging platforms. working capacity has started to fall On some iOS and Android devices.

whatsapp community

This tool will not replace WhatsApp group chats, but will allow you to order conversations. Communities would be within groups and would function as internal groups in which they would be able to behave specific topic.

For example, communities can be used to talk about an event that organizes a group of friends. That way, users will talk about that plan without filling in the usual group of messages and needing to create a separate temporary group.

whatsapp community.
Image of how communities will look on WhatsApp.

Another use of this function would be to create a grouping of a school year with communities For different classes, for parents, mothers and teachers and for excursions, Thus, educational information will be clearer and better organized in order to find it quickly.

The news will be presented this week.

How to Create a Community on iOS

While the new tool is not yet available on all mobile phones, those who may already enjoy it need to follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Click on New Tab ‘Community on WhatsApp’.
  • press ‘Start a community’.
  • choose NameOne description And a profile picture To differentiate the new community from others that you can create.
  • select option ‘grouping’ hey ‘Add existing group’.
  • creating a community, You will be the admin by default From this and on you can add or remove messages at any time.
  • As an admin, you will be able to appoint other admin members as well.
  • There will be an additional group called ‘information group’ To which only administrators will have access.
  • Only administrators will have access to it members phone number of communities.

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