WhatsApp surveys also come on Android: this is how you can use them

WhatsApp started implementing surveys in chats on devices with iOS operating system early last month. Now, finally, all users can enjoy this functionality in the new update of the social network.

Initially internet users will be able to add Up to 12 different options in your surveys and share them in chats, whether group or individual. This is a good idea, especially for groups of friends, when they decide to make plans to meet up, or take classes to choose an end-of-the-year trip or exam date, for example.

How to do survey?

  • Enter the WhatsApp application and go to the chat in which they want to offer the survey.
  • Choose clip iconLocated in the bar where messages are written.
  • There is option to add document, use camera, send contact or location or send audio or image or video from gallery. In addition, there is a new function that allows you to generate surveys.
  • click on ‘vote’ And write the question you want to ask and the possible answers.
  • In the end, all that’s left is to continue.
This is what WhatsApp surveys look like on Android.
This is what WhatsApp surveys look like on Android.
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