WhatsApp will allow you to block screenshots in temporary messages

WhatsApp users have been able to enjoy single-view images and videos in conversations for over a year without saving them in the gallery. However, there was a bug in this function, because Allowed users to take screenshots or screen recordings Without the person who sent the message without knowing.

It seems that its developers want to change this inconvenience to provide more privacy in the application. Specifically, WhatsApp is testing a functionality that This trick to save temporary multimedia messages will allow you to block And, thus, ensure that no one can save what the issuer does not want to be saved.

The feature is being tested in the beta version of Android To block capture, users need to enable it from the app setting. That way, the receiver of the image or video who wants to capture or record the screen will simply save a black file.

Similarly, WhatsApp will notify at the bottom of the interface that Capture is not possible due to security policy. This new feature will only apply to temporary images and videos, so users will still be able to capture text messages.

Some Instagram content creators are being able to share more than one link on their profile.

This new measure to protect the privacy of internet users on WhatsApp is one of them that Mark Zuckerberg announced to launch. As Meta’s CEO explained, his company was “working on.New ways to protect messages And keep them as private and confidential as face-to-face conversations.”

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