WhatsApp will automatically mute groups with more than 256 participants

WhatsApp group chat notifications can be annoying. When groups are active and have many participants, the messages abound and, if you have to leave the mobile with sound, You won’t stop listening to the arrival of new notifications throughout.

In these cases, it’s most common to silence chats, but for that, you have to do it manually every time you’re placed in a group. this will stop happening In group chats that exceed 256 participantss.

According to WABetaInfo, the instant messaging app is testing a new measure that will automatically mute groups that exceed that figure. This feature will come after WhatsApp implements the possibility to create Chat with 1,024 participants.

WhatsApp has decided to limit forwarding of most viral messages to once per chat or group.  The measure aims to reduce the so-called 'fake news', false news.

That is, when this functionality is implemented, users who want to receive notifications from groups of more than 256 participants must change the configuration. thus, By default, the chat will be muted and not vice versa.

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