When and where did Queen Elizabeth II die? issue your death certificate

The death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II was published this Thursday by the National Register of Scotland. The document clarifies that Emperor dies “due to old age” September 8 at 3:10 pm.

Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96. In the north of England, with his family. After 70 years in power, she became the world’s longest-reigning monarch.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement shortly after 12:30 that day, saying doctors were concerned about the Queen’s health and that she would remain under medical supervision. His death was officially announced at 6:30 pm.3 hours after the time which verifies the minutes.

Scottish National Register

The death of the queen was followed by days of national mourning. Parades, celebrations and symbolic tours were carried out within England and in countries part of the ‘Commonwealth’ Tribute to the life of Elizabeth II.

with his death, Charles III becomes king And they have started their actual work after the official mourning.

(With information from Regina Diaz Gutierrez)

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