“When you walk into a store and see the mobiles on display, they all look alike… we’ve managed to surprise”

We are on the campus of the University of Zaragoza. Several groups of three or four youths come to see what the ruckus is all about. people of samsung In the middle of the capital’s ‘University City’ in the morning a stage is set up with what looks like a stage. There is also a bus. And it seems the people who are on that stage are throwing things…

“If I had told my teacher about this Marketing The university which was going to organize an event for the students focused on seeing who was able to make the best flying paper airplane, i might have failed”, commented Valentin Hernandez, marketing director of the MX (Mobile Experience) division of Samsung Electronics Iberia, with a laugh.

Samsung has brought its ‘Direct to Seoul’ initiative to the University of Zaragoza, an activity that is part of the journey it is undertaking. In collaboration with Google to bring technology closer to all citizens, Through a paper airplane competition, the South Korean brand is looking for the student who will be able to build the best Fold, ready for the firm’s new foldables—the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4—and one such. Making an airplane so that I can fly as far as possible. The best participants will have the opportunity to travel to Korea and visit the company’s facilities, as well as learn about advances in its gastronomy, culture and technology.

“To get closer to this young audience, we thought it was fun to recover the game of a lifetime, as well as having a lot to do with the innovation work the company has been doing in recent years. We’ve been able to bend mobile screens over several generations, even improving them And we are sure that many of them will be able to do good work to get this great award. I can assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience for all those who manage to reach Korea And discover all that this country has to offer and all that Samsung matters to the Korean people.”

One of a group of young people trying their luck in the competition.

The idea is to show everything their fold can do. Currently, this mobility covers a much wider area: it has evolved from just mobile pillscomputer and wearable, But, in addition, as Hernández has outlined, the important thing in this area is to ensure that the instruments are “related to each other”, so that User can be transferred to “a connected ecosystem”,

“I’ve been working in the technology sector since 1999, so I’ve seen a lot of things happen. In the end I think the development of Device has gone through Companies have the ability to surpriseIf we look back, we see that it is this inability to innovate that has led to the downfall of great leaders. In my opinion the balance is knowing how to engage with other systems, adapting to changes and knowing how to win over new audiences (and keep old ones),” Hernandez says.

For the ability to surprise, there are folding mobile, because they would be more or less tempting, but of course We can’t help but stare when we see someone take one of these out of their pocket, The marketing director of Samsung’s mobility division assured that “the public response is clearly improving”. “Our folding products account for over 30% of our range premium And they are getting very well. In the end, I think it has the potential to be different again: you go to a shopping center or a technology store and see all the things Mobiles exposed and… they all make you look alike. Although the latter have better or worse specifications, there is no difference in vision. But a folding one has them, a folding one has something else. And we also have two options: a pocket phone like the Flip and a bigger phone like the Fold”, he adds.

insist that “When the battle is to see who has the best camera, more megapixels, more autonomy … it remains the same”, “We, I think, have managed to surprise us with ourselves” Smartphones Folding and loving the masses again. The market expected something different and we have achieved it.”

As for why Samsung has been in the limelight for so many years while other brands have fallen, Hernandez makes another reflection: “I think it is Our open system that allows integration with other devices and other brands who develop things that are really good, that has kept us going to be leaders”.

And that’s exactly where we’re headed: towards an integrated ecosystem Where are you smart fone stay connected with Gun Shot And headphones, but also with a washing machine and refrigerator. to get it you seek allianceMarketing director comments because “No brand can reach everything”. “You have to allow integration within the ecosystem, people want open standards,” he concluded.

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