Which telephone operators do not have permanence in their contracts

The contract with teleoperators permanence is something many users want to escape from. What if they get a better deal? Customers may want to leave, but companies must pay a fine in exchange for unsubscribing.

Fortunately, there are companies that don’t force you to stay for a while and others that have offers that do without it. At 20BITS, we make it easy for you A list with a wide variety of offers So you don’t have to:

  • O2: There are no permanent clauses or hidden penalties in Telefónica Group’s fiber network contracts.
  • Pepephone: As of January 1, 2019, this firm does not have any stability in its internet services.
  • Vodafone User: This plan is currently reduced to €25 per month, offers 600MB of symmetric fiber, unlimited landline calls in Spain and without permanent.
  • Fine Network: It has a fixed fiber rate with or without additional cost. For non-compliance with the 12-month stay, the customer will have to pay management or installation costs costing EUR 96.80.
  • Movistar Fusion: They have no commitment to live and, if this is the first time that fiber optic installation is done in a home, it is done free of charge.
  • Zero Worry About Yoigo: There are options for 100 MB, 600 MB and 1 GB if permanent.
  • Lowy: Their services don’t have the durability, however, so you can save 150 euros the cost of installing fiber if you stay for three months.

This is a 5G mobile phone antenna.

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