While Andres Garcia is recuperating in a hospital, vultures are already fighting over his legacy

Andres Garcia

Time passes and the people around Andres García begin to take their places. The media is becoming increasingly aware of the state of his health, each fall and each attempt he makes to make a statement. In recent weeks he would faint and have to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. His wife was there, she is the one who always appears to be by his side.

This has dispelled any doubts, as they confirm that his wife, Margarita Portillo, does so in order not to leave a list of beneficiaries, in order to have an important part, in order to inherit. The document, according to the media, is already more than drafted and approved, in which she appears, however, that tensions are rising and she would like to secure that position.

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Not even because he is between life and death, they let Andrés García rest. His family has already started fighting for his money

While Andres Garcia is debating between life and death, another famous one already has everything to go to the other world

Such is the tension over Andrés García’s inheritance that his wife has been accused of kidnapping him. The rumor began to grow after he fainted, as his wife claims that several people who have been close to him these days should have seen him. He confirmed to El Informador, that this caused him to ingest banned substances and even prohibited foods.

It has triggered an alert at the home of Andres Garcia, who claims to have received death threats from these people. Said threats have also been defamatory, as these are the same people who accuse him of taking Andres García hostage. These are the same people who had given the actor a sedative last week.

This will be the first lawsuit regarding the legacy of Andres Garcia.

If confirmed, this would be the first lawsuit surrounding Andres Garcia and his condition. Little by little the situation will be more delicate and soon it will escalate, at this time it is already serious as death threats, drug abuse and kidnapping allegations are involved, however, it may worsen as the actor’s situation escalates. Is.

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