While Andres Garcia is torn between life and death, another celebrity already has everything going for her to go to another world

Andres Garcia

The delicate state of health of Andrés García has the world worried, as the 81-year-old actor is torn between life and death because, according to Margarita, the actor has pneumonia, who relies on an oxygen tank for his breathing.

However, the actor has already drawn up his will for several years, in which he stipulated that his eldest heiress be Margarita Portillo, accompanied by the actor’s sister, who would also receive a portion of the fortune.

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Besides this, the actor has already transferred several properties in the name of his wife and his son, whom he considers to be a second son. And like Andres García, the great diva of cinema and television, Silvia Pinal, has everything ready to say goodbye to this world.

Silvia Pinal has already drawn up her will

When the media questioned her on this topic, she replied that she had prepared it for years: “I have had the desire for many years,” the actress said, and also assured that she would like to share the same among her three children. Will distribute everything properly.

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