Who are the actors who died during the recording of “Wedding Night” by Ludvika Paleta and Osvaldo Benavides

two actors working in Mexican film “Wedding Night”starring Osvaldo Benavidez You Ludwick’s Palette, drowned on Mazahul beach in Oaxaca. The interpreters were swept away by the strong waves and were unable to get out of the sea under their own power.

As reported by Mexican authorities as well as local media such as “24 Horas” and “Quinta Fuerza”, a group of 10 extras from the film “wedding night“They went to the beach to enjoy their day. Three of them entered the sea, but only one came out alive.

Naval Search and Rescue Station of the Secretary of the Navy Mexico (Semar) reported that, in the early hours of October 13, 46-year-old Marco Antonio CP was found dead in a rocky area of ​​the beach, while 47-year-old Luis Manuel GS is still missing.

The actor who survived has not given a statement, but he is deeply disappointed by what happened.

Ludvica Paleta, Osvaldo Benavides, Marcela Guirado and Fernando lvarez Rebel during the recording of the movie “Wedding Night” (Photo: Osvaldo Benavides / Instagram)

What happened on the day of the tragedy?

The accident happened on Wednesday, 12 October, when a group of 10 additional people went to Mazhaul beach to enjoy the day. Three of them entered the sea, but two could not get out of the sea due to strong waves in the area. Only one came out alive.

The body of 46-year-old Marco Antonio Curiel Perez was found in a rocky area, where he was thrown by the waves. While 47-year-old Luis Manuel Gutierrez is still missing and his body is also being searched by Semar, who said a third person could be rescued.

The Secretary of Public Security confirmed that the drowning people on Mazahual Beach, Oaxaca, were working on the filming of the movie “Wedding Night”. After the tragedy, the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca opened an investigation folder to clarify how the events took place.

Mexican film by Traziende Films
Traziende Films released a statement mourning the deaths of two additional people from the Mexican film “Wedding Night” (Photo: Traziende Films/Instagram)

Missing victim’s body found

According to the Puente Libre media outlet, Mexican authorities confirmed the discovery of the lifeless body of Luis Manuel Gutierrez on Gamito beach in San Miguel del Puerto, Oaxaca. He was missing since the day of the tragedy and now his remains can be buried by his relatives.

Regarding the tragedy, the popular ‘Nandito’ from ‘Maria La del Barrio’ sent his condolences to the families of the victims and explained what had happened. He said in a video on Instagram, “As you know, there was a tragedy during the making of this film, some mates went to a beach on vacation and there was a tragic accident where two died.”

Who is the actor of the movie “Shaadi Ki Raat” who died due to drowning in the sea?

Marco Antonio Curiel Perez and Luis Manuel Gutierrez are the names of the actors who died on Wednesday, October 12, when they entered the Mazahul beach in Oaxaca.

Little is known about his work in cinema, but according to some media, he may have participated in other Mexican productions as extras.

mexican film
Cast of the Mexican film “Wedding Night” (Photo: Osvaldo Benavides / Instagram)

Messages from Oswaldo Benavides and Ludvika Palletta after the tragedy

The filming of the Mexican film “Wedding Night” did not stop despite the deaths of two additional people. This can be confirmed by social media posts from various artists, such as Osvaldo Benavides, who expressed his condolences in a story on his Instagram account with a black heart and the words “Day 34”.

for its part, Ludwick’s Palette Shared a story on IG where she is sitting by the sea watching the sunset. This postcard was published after the tragedy that severely affected the production.

Osvaldo Benavides sent a message condoling the death of two additional people from the film (Photo: Osvaldo Benavides/Instagram)
Osvaldo Benavides sent a message condoling the death of two additional people from the film (Photo: Osvaldo Benavides/Instagram)

Life insurance will not cover death

Benavides talks about a topic that has garnered a lot of attention. and that he indicated that Contracted life insurance will not cover the death of these actors Because the accident did not happen while they were working, but during a leisure time in which each person chose to do different activities because it was their day.

“They weren’t working. As far as I understand insurance covers work, I’m not an expert on the subject”The actor and director commented upon arrival in Mexico City.

Osvaldo Benavides is remembered for playing Nandito in María La del Barrio (Photo: Twitter)
Osvaldo Benavides is remembered for playing Nandito in María La del Barrio (Photo: Twitter)

More about Ludvika Palette

Personal data of Ludvika Palette

  • Date of birth: November 28, 1978
  • age: 43 years
  • birth place: Cracovia, Polonia
  • Habitat: Mexico City, Mexico
  • nationality: Polish and Mexican
  • Father’s: Zbigniew Paleta and Barbara Paciorek Kovalovka
  • Husband or wife: Carlos Emiliano Salinas (since 2013)
Ludvika Paleta has been married to Emiliano Salinas since 2013 (Photo: Ludvika Paleta / Instagram)
Ludvika Paleta has been married to Emiliano Salinas since 2013 (Photo: Ludvika Paleta / Instagram)

When Ludvika Paleta and Kim Kardashian vacated the same place

Ludvika Paleta decided to follow the trend “TBT” or “Throwback Thursday” where Internet users recount moments from the past.

On that occasion, the actress from the Mexican film “Wedding Night” published a video of her vacation in Punta Cana. What caught the attention of her followers was that this was exactly where Kim Kardashian was. more details here

The Beauty Secrets of the Ludvika Palette

Via a curious publication, the 43-year-old actress revealed that instead of using expensive products or slightly aggressive tools, she prefers to use a very traditional way of curling her eyelashes: with a spoon.

Although her fans thought that a celebrity of her stature would care to fine-tune her appearance, always with the pros and the best products, the actress with Polish roots has made it clear that this strategy is enough for her. It gives the result that that’s all you need. more details here

Ludvika Paleta and Plutarco Haza: why the divorce according to the actress

Plutarch Home You Ludwick’s Palette They were married on April 18, 1997, and almost three years later, Nicholas, their only child, was born together. The actress formed a beautiful family next to Plutarco, however, not everything was happy as problems arose that affected the relationship.

Following rumors of infidelity, Ludvika Paleta and Plutarco Haza announced their separation in August 2008, but they did not sign a divorce until April 2010. More details here.

The love story of Ludvika Paletta and Emiliano Salinas

The story is from 2010. After the actress divorced her first husband, Plutarco Hazza, a marriage that lasted more than ten years and ended with scenes of infidelity, it took her a few years to believe in love again. it was In 2010, thanks to her friend Maki Soler, she met Carlos Emiliano Salinas Ocelli, son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

In the same year, Ludvika and Emiliano decided to express their love from the rooftops. At a press conference, after the actress’s debut in the play “A Wild God”, she admitted that she had fallen in love with the interpreter’s beauty, friendliness and tenderness. He, for his part, responded with admiration for the economist, highlighting his chivalry. More details here.

Ludvika Paleta and her husband Emiliano Salinas have been married for 9 years
Ludvika Paleta and her husband Emiliano Salinas have been married for 9 years

More about Oswaldo Benavides

The love story of ESMERALDA PIMENTEL and OSVALDO BENAVIDS that ended

Esmeralda Pimentel and Osvaldo Benavides were shown to be a very solid couple since the beginning of their romance, and despite the fact that they were very much in love and supported each other all the time, almost two years After dating, the love ended.

Although their relationship would have ended on good terms, there are many people who do not explain why it ended. To know more about the failed love story of both the actors, click here.

The Story Behind Marcus Ornellas, Osvaldo Benavides, and the Kiss That Should Have Been in “Monarca”

Demonstrating his professionalism as an actor, Brazilian Marcus Ornelas made several scenes from the Netflix series “Monarca” kissing Osvaldo Benavides as he was playing a bisexual character. While it can be somewhat uncomfortable, as they have said, they promised to do it the best way and get the best results.

The 39-year-old artist spoke about that experience on the show.member on air” of uniqable, where it was possible to know many more details of the scenes with Osvaldo Benavides, which marked the fans of the series. Learn more about what he said by clicking here.

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