Who Is ‘Cassandro’ The Gay Fighter Who Will Play Gael Garcia Bernal?

After seeing images of Gael Garcia Bernal as ‘Cassandro’ in the new Prime Video production, here are some facts about this iconic LGBT+ wrestling character.

Yesterday was released as the first image of Gael García Bernal cassandroA gay wrestler born in El Paso, Texas in the United States, who moved to Ciudad Juárez at the age of 15 to begin training as a professional wrestler. The film is directed by Oscar winner Roger Ross Williams, who won the award for Best Short Documentary in 2009. music by prudence,

hero of and your mother too He plays the role of Saul Armendriz, who was known worldwide as ‘El Exotico’ for his participation in wrestling under the name ‘Cassandro’. Armendriz achieved something unheard of in the medium, because He broke with the macho standards of the time and his persona was characterized by wearing clothes in bright colors, feminine hairstyles and makeup.Leaving the mask aside.

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He received training from none other than Rey Misterio, leading him to join the Universal Wrestling Association and Lucha Libre AAA. The reason they were known as part of the Exotics was because they were different from the other wrestlers who were dressed in drag. but, Where does his name ‘Cassandro’ come from? It turns out that was the name of a brothel owner in Tijuana who was a very good friend of his. He also wrestled on a few occasions against El Hijo del Santo.

Cassandro commented At times he has faced rejection from people who do not see him as a fighter because of his appearance in the ring and his sexual preferences. However, this did not deter him from achieving success in wrestling and winning the UWA World Lightweight Championship in 1992. He has become the first foreigner to do so. Her life has already been chronicled on screen by Marie Losier in the documentary Cassandro, alien!

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‘Cassandro’ was the first foreign player to win the World Championship

In 2009 he teamed up with El Hijo del Santo to achieve something unprecedented, as they were invited to the Louvre Museum in Paris to face each other again inside the famous museum. With a script by David Teague and Julian Herbert, new tape cassandro composed of a cast that, in addition to Bernal, included joaquin cosio why Raul Castillo, The film will come in 2023 prime video, but the exact date of its premiere is still unknown. Stay tuned to SensaCine México for more information.

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