Who is Pablo Alvarez: the second Spanish astronaut chosen by ESA

Pablo Alvarez (aerospace engineer) is the third Spanish astronaut to fly in space. Following Michael López-Alegría (NASA) and Pedro Duque (ESA).

Alvarez was born in Leon in 1988, studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Leon, and at only 22, the astronaut left his hometown to pursue his space dreams Study a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Warsaw Polytechnic University (Poland).

In 2011, he joined the Airbus company to work on aviation projects of the A350 and A380 models, but his life changed in 2017, when he Mechanical Architect on Exploration Project ‘Rosalind Franklin of the ExoMars Mission’ European Space Agency.

In particular, Álvarez worked at the company’s facilities in Stevenage (United Kingdom) to be in charge of the integration of the project’s equipment, similarly, in Toulouse (France) he participated in the tests that were carried out on the vehicle before it was shipped. were to be done. Mars.

Since 2020 he has been working as Airbus Project Manager in Getafe, after completing his work on the Exploration Project.

in present, Pablo Alvarez has achieved significant success in his professional careerbearing this in mind ESA astronauts will be part of the crew That he can travel to the Moon or Mars in the future.

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