Who is the mask? Deleted today, December 11 | semifinal

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end of Who is the mask?And this Sunday, December 11th, the semifinal of the mystery television program, where “Off the Mask!” Along with some other celebrities.

In this programme, John Zurita, Galilee Montijo, Yuri and Carlos Rivera met at an event organized by Omar Chaparro To try to figure out which of the five characters are left in the competition… but, of course, reveal something else.

Mask Who?: He was the first celebrity on TODAY to be eliminated

After a round of presentations, the researchers revealed alebrije That was the first bran of the night; In the second instance, he gave another chance Huacal to continue the program.

in the vote of the people, colectico The first was saved, and the last, bunch He was saved; sacrum He ended up getting the character fired from the show.

according to your clue, sacrum She has a lot of soap opera experience and is also a singer. With this, the judges released names such as Fernanda Castillo (Galilea Montijo), Bibi Gatton (Carlos Rivera), Ana Brenda Contreras (Yuri) and Bianca Marroquin (Juanpa Zurita).

“Out with the mask!” After crying, it turns out that Tricky Animal GaitanDancer, actress and singer who was a part of Timbiriche and has appeared in telenovelas and dramas.

this was the second elimination

After a public vote following the second round of submissions, it was revealed Huacal The first finalist is the character. was the second chosen by the public to continue alebrije,

bunch Persuaded the crowd to reach the finals, which resulted in their elimination colecticoWhich seems to have some connection with Eugenio Derbez.

Without giving the final bet, “Get off the mask!” Even then he did not reveal his identityWhich will be till the next event, when the final will be held.

Who’s in the Mask?: The celebs who have died so far

These are the characters who were evicted from the reality show till the semi-finals Who is the mask?,


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