Who is the mask? Your villain Dr. passes out from Venom and is discovered as such

Who is the character trying to destroy the mask? but he kept on trying to reveal his identity

By: Eric Solis

Dr. Veneno is Salvador Zerboni

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Who is the mask? He Dr. said goodbye to Veneno, a character who made the audience tremble on stage with all his misdeeds; However, after being put in the effort, he reveals his true identity and turns out to be Salvador Zerboni.

What was Dr. Venom’s role?

Dr. Veneno was a guest character to give fans of the show something extra. In other seasons we saw The Mysterious Guest, who hid Paola Rojas, and The Hombre de Piedra, who hid Gloria Trevi.

For this fourth season, Dr. Venom entered the show as a villain who sought to destroy everything in his path; However, he was not successful and had to reveal his identity in the eighth episode, exposing the soap opera’s villain. Re-live the hilarious moment, in the following video:

Galilea Montijo unmasks Salvador Zerboni as Dr. Veneno

final bet

The researchers gave their predictions for uncovering the identity of this figure:
Galilea Montijo – Salvador Zarboni – Right
Carlos Rivera – Flavio Medina
John’s Zurita – Luis Roberto Guzmán
ui – sergio sandal

Did you discover the hidden personality? Share your opinion through the show’s official network and tell us which character you would like to see in the finale.

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