Why do air conditioner sales increase in winter? These tools are the key to saving on gas bills

We complained that an eternal ‘Verono’ had settled and the cold had not come, but finally the Blizzard appeared. And this winter This would be very hard, especially for wallets: Experts say that the gas bill will increase by four or five times in snowy weather.Which means, to put it simply, a typical invoice of 500 euros can reach 2,500 without doing anything out of the ordinary.

According to the College of Property Administrators of Madrid, Neighboring communities’ fees rising by up to 40% due to gas crisis and inflation,

,The rise in the price of electricity, mainly gas, is having a very negative impact on owners’ communities.The impact is particularly significant due to the increase in gas, leading to a limited economic situation for owners’ communities, which have already had to increase their budgets due to this increase in energy and heating, among other measures. Hours are to be reduced”, CAFMDrid reported in a press release in September.

However, and as a positive point, the General Council of Associations of Property Administrators – CGCAFE – and CAF, managed to get the Government of Madrid to listen to their request and approve the application. VAT on gas bills reduced from 21% to 5% for owners’ communities,

They are now calling for an extension of the regulated gas rate to all communities of owners with central heating, because of “the uncertainty of winter with insufficient supply in a free market and increased growth.” fuel they will do It is very difficult for neighbors to bear the cost of this service”, They are standing outside the school.

For Isabel Bajo, president of CAFMrid, “there is a paradox that a house that is considered too inefficient and a luxury, such as a single-family villa, can enjoy a regulated rate and community central heating houseA more popular and efficient system, chosen to rationalize the use of energy, You’re on the free market to pay more than twice as much to heat your home,

There are many options for reducing energy consumption at home.

Citizen Response: Buy your own equipment

In view of the position indicated by the school, the fact that Many communities have reduced heating schedules – they have even considered doing without it – and raised prices.Looks like users ‘search for life’ gave feedback by: Top Brands of home appliance You retailers They confirm that sales of air conditioners and other equipment to withstand the cold without spending a penny have skyrocketed.

Thus, the strategy of residents of these communities with collective boilers is Use these devices as heat pumps, Large supermarkets with this type of expertise Device They found out already in September how their customers had come years earlier to buy solutions in low temperature conditions.

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since LG Spain explains that for 20BITS A significant increase has been observed in the sales of Air Conditioners during the month of September,

Comparing the results between August 2021 and August 2022, the sales of these devices for the company increased by 93.43%. But the growth is even more relevant if we go into 2019, when we weren’t talking yet energy crisis and there was no problem electricity price and gas: Sales up 305.43% from August 2019 to August 2022,

It may be thought that it is the ‘Tardanos’ who sign up to buy a Air Conditioning To face the heat, but the months of September have also seen a change: sales have increased by 57.66% in 2021 compared to 2022, and 2019 compared to 2022 operations by 180.47%. So, From the company they think it is a reaction to the increase in the price of gas,

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That’s his feeling ever since media marketone of the great retailers and key points in sales of the area.

“A few days back, we have started with the implementation of the campaign of Heatingand in this sense, Yes, we have seen that the behavior of the customers is changing and they are moving To be able to prepare their homes before the drop in temperature arrives”, a spokesperson for MediaMarkt Iberia told 20BITS.

And he adds: “In recent years we have already seen that a Growing demand for low energy electric heating, among which there are eco-emitters and ceramic heaters, as well as gas products. In addition, it is worth noting the increase in sales of air conditioners outside the summer months, which means that the heat pump is included as one of the most economical heating methods in terms of power consumption.”

Change in time and electricity bill

Similarly, Oscar Gundin, Account Manager Key Accounts at TCL Electronics Group for 20BITS Iberia, comments that until recently, “in the face of the high cost of gas”, it is common that both neighborhood communities, Central heatingas individual users Look for solutions to heat your homes and “move away from energy sources such as gas due to a significant increase in their prices”, “They are looking for more efficient solutions that don’t depend on gas,” he insists.

Faced with this situation, Gundin continues, “many consumers are controlled by the system”. Air conditioners, which are heat pumps, to heat your homesWhich translates into an exponential growth in sales of this device in months with traditionally low demand for this type of product compared to the summer”.

The Valley section is the lowest and recommended rate for turning on your devices.

In this sense, the expert underlines that aerothermal, a renewable energy source that allows outdoor air to be used as a free source of air conditioningmay represent a 25% savings compared to a boiler gas natural and 50% compared to diesel boiler.

Heat pumps “provide greater efficiency than other systems because” They are capable of producing more energy than they consume, 3 or 4 times more (Air conditioners provide three or four thermal kWh for every electrical kWh). In other words, we will get more heat for each electric kilowatt invested, compared to other heating systems. We should also keep in mind that this type of heat Allows moisture to dissipate into the home’s interior environment”, informs Gundin.

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