Why do black photos appear on Instagram?

There are several users of the social network who said this Monday, October 31 via Twitter that All photos in Instagram Stories come in black.

Although many users have thought that it is the people they follow on the social network who are uploading the black pictures, The truth is that there may be an error in the applicationON, which has suffered a massive failure this Monday.

In fact, thousands of users have reported that the application has suspended their profiles without any justification for which they are unable to access Instagram. In return and other users have commented in this regard who have lost tens, hundreds or thousands of followers Because of this Instagram glitch.

Why do users upload black photos?

On the contrary there are users who are uploading a black image in their stories with the aim of not deleting their Instagram account. This is due to a rumor that has spread through Twitter and other social networks, indicating that it should Upload a black picture to avoid account suspension due to inactivity.

Even then, This is a hoax. There’s no reason to upload a black photo to an Instagram story or profile, as the account suspension is the reason for an error that the application itself acknowledged: “We know that some users have trouble accessing your Instagram account. We are investigating this and apologize for the inconvenience.” has communicated.

Thus, suspension cannot be resolved or avoided in any way, as it seems like a random error. Fact of uploading black photos This will not prevent the suspension of the Instagram account.

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