Why Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Azcarga Tested Verónica Castro From Televisa

The actress of ‘The rich also cry’ has become one of the great icons of Mexican television, establishing herself as one of the most representative actresses of the melodramas of the late 70’s and early 80’s. In a recent interview, veronica castro remember that time Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Azcaraga veto of Televisa For some reasonsThe same ones that made him the “TV Jester”.

veronica castro She is best known for being a soap opera star, she also has a side as a singer and host, the actress recently gave an interview in which she took the opportunity to open up about her time Televisa and had an employment relationship with Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Azcaraga, Furthermore, he recalled the time when the president of the television station veto for one year.

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