Why is this the fifth time the Artemis I mission has been attempted: what has failed before?

Launches of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft have already been affected various delays,

First, the successor to the historic Apollo program – which propelled astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin to write their names in the pages of our species’ history – started taking shape in the year 2005When under the mandate of George W. Bush a new space flight program ‘Constellation’ was given the green light to start.

However, in later years, Due to numerous delays and fears of cost overruns, the program was canceled under Barack Obama.Taking a new course in 2010, when the United States Congress approved the continuation of the Orion capsule projects and the development of a new rocket to power the mission.

Once it was finally ready, sometimes even on the same launch pad, the spacecraft was being prepared and assembled. takeoff had to be postponed four times,

The first date given was 29 August, but on that occasion the launch had to be postponed due to an engine bleed problem.

Before launch time, NASA had already announced the failure that prevented them from achieving the temperature they were looking for in Engine 3 of the SLS, In a statement, the agency had explained that the team was conditioning the engines “by increasing the pressure in the core stage tanks to purge some of the cryogenic propellant”. However, they were unable to condition Engine 3 properly.

In addition, the team also found a “crack in the material of the thermal protection system in one of the flanges of the central stage” in that attempt.

The next scheduled date was 2 September, Although the launch attempt was finally officially confirmed for the third day. “We are moving forward again with our launch attempt on Saturday, we feel comfortable with our risk stance,” Michael Serafin, Artemis I mission manager, said at a press conference. And he added: “That being said, there’s no guarantee we’ll go out on Saturday, but we’ll try.”

unfortunately, The space agency had to delay the test due to a leak in the fuel transfer to the rocket.,

After that, NASA said it was going to conduct the demonstration test “no earlier than September 21” and that its new launch window would initially be September 27 “with a possible backup window on September 2.” October under review”.

eventually, Hurricane Ian’s devastation in the world, and its particular crisis for Florida, NASA decided that a third attempt to launch Artemis I would not occur in time. Again.

It was decided that the new date would be November 14, and that was when another storm hit, this time with a woman’s name, and a fourth delay was enforced for the mission’s launch. So now let’s hope Nicole doesn’t drop too many results and this Wednesday we can finally see the SLS fly,

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