Why Taylor Swift went from country music to pop and her legal battle for her songs

Why Taylor Swift went from country music to pop and her legal battle for her songs (Photo: Infobay Mexico / Jovani Perez)

At just 32 years old, Taylor Swift She has become one of the best-selling artists in the history of the music industry, recognized and multi-awarded by exclusive media, has garnered a large number of fans and followers, who have earned her records on Billboard creatives. have seen development. , as well as tough legal battle What has he had to do to be able to own of their own songs,

Join hands with the label, October 21 Republic RecordsThe singer released her most recent album: midnight, The project that once again put it in the world spotlight after opening with more and more 1.5 million units sold in a weekIt also recorded the biggest week of 21st century vinyl sales, making it the best-selling album of all time of 2022, marking its 11th album to top it all. number one in billboard 200, originated to simultaneously occupy the first 10 places within hot 100Most important popularity count in the world.

Taylor Swift female figure turned Most searched and commented on social networks and media. pop artist Country, She herself has expressed in different interviews that it is considered her best creation and a frequent question on the internet is how she came to be and has adapted to different musical styles.

Taylor Swift is the singer's first self-titled studio album (Photo: Big Machine)
Taylor Swift is the singer’s first self-titled studio album (Photo: Big Machine)

Taylor Alison Swift He always maintained a life surrounded by great influences towards country music, a musical style that emerged in the 1920s in rural areas of the south of the United States and the maritime regions of Canada and Australia. At the age of nine, she became interested in musical theatre, where she participated in various productions. Burks Youth Theater Academy which allowed them to travel regularly Broadway to receive singing and acting classes, which led to her accolades Shania TwainAs mentioned in the magazine taste of country,

It was not surprising that his professional debut was with the country music label, under a self-titled studio albumWith which it started its history, which was already sold out 4 years after its launch in 2010 7 million copies In the United States alone, according to RIAA ,Recording Industry Association of America– Association, responsible for the certification of sales records.

Their second studio album was Country & Pop (Photo: Big Machine Records)
Their second studio album was Country & Pop (Photo: Big Machine Records)

On 11 November 2008, Taylor Swift They did not hesitate to continue achieving success, and on their second studio album they repeated the formula, adding small touches of the most commercial style of the time, which increased their sales and recognition. Love Story, You Belong With Me hey today was a fairytale They added 592,000 copies in their first week in the United States, which was huge for the year and genre, as the music market was strongly dominated by the addition of pop, rap, and electronic scenes.

author too Was nominated for eight Grammy Awards, being the second artist with the most nominations, behind only Beyoncé’s ten. She won four of them in the categories: Best Female Country Performance and Best Country Song. white horse And for the said musical work he won in the categories best country album You album of the yearBeing the second youngest singer to win a Grammy at this age 20 years,

Later "red"His next album Totally Pop (1989) was a success (Photo: Instagram/@tay-lowstf)
After “Red”, his next album was a total success pop (1989) (Photo: Instagram/@tay-lowstf)

red This marked the end of an era because, despite the fact that the rap scene was beginning to dominate in the United States, and reggaeton in the Hispanic market, pop seemed to be a genre in which the doors of the world could easily be opened. For this reason, the arrival of their first pop album proved that their fans and specialized media such as magazines Rolling Stone Source And a lot had already been thrown out: Taylor could stand in front of the big stars who dominated, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry hey rihanna,

came like this reputation In 2017, its darkest era after a serious smear campaign by celebrities such as the socialite Kim Kardashian and who was her husband at the time, the rapper kayne west, But pop more than ever, look what you made me Keep adding stars to the community LGBT+,

Light came in 2019; Lover It became the most colorful and pop album of his entire career, as the elements taken to the extreme were the protagonists of his music videos, where the colors pink, light blue and lots of glitter couldn’t stop stealing the attention of his fans. What no one expected was that the said album was also the beginning of your scariest dream,

He sold the rights to Taylor Swift's music and she would re-record it.  Reuters/Eduardo Munoz
He sold the rights to Taylor Swift’s music and she would re-record it. Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

In November 2020, after it became known that the record producer scooter brown Sold the rights to the first six Taylor Swift albums for 300 million dollarsThe singer reveals a clever strategy for fighting back.

according to the magazine DiversityIthaca Holdings LLC sold the rights to the singer’s recordings to an investment fund, But the singer was not allowed to achieve them,

“Taylor has the lyrics to her songs; Although not from the audio of her recordings, the artist has a way, however painstakingly, to be legally free to re-record the songs from her debut album starting this month and fine. That’s what she would do,” he explained in a Billboard statement on his Twitter account.

But things would not be so easy, as the country and pop empire he had formed had enormous economic interests, which caused him many obstacles. The condition was that a certain number of years must elapse before each of his works could be recorded in a new edition.

that’s what happened, being Red Taylor’s Editionmost recent release, at the same time the singer continues to generate new music such as midnight, Her public struggle has made her the idol of millions of women who have experienced similar situations in the world of work.

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