William Regal ends his contract with AEW

William Regal has terminated his contract with All Elite Wrestling, This is confirmed by Sean Ross Sapp, journalist of Fightful, through his official channel of Patreon. Sapp has revealed that Regal’s contract expires in December and that the last actions we have seen on television with Jon Moxley and MJF have been carried out to get him out of television in a logical way.

Suddenly, it has been confirmed that The whole world in AEW has been told that William Regal will return to WWE, He is a very sought-after person in the wardrobe and a vital man for Triple H. It is not known the details of the duration of William Regal’s contract, but it is confirmed that he will leave the company, if not what has already been done.

“As we reported earlier this week, Fightful Select announced during Wrestlecade weekend that William Regal’s deal would expire in December 2022, which would take him off television. Another AEW source said Fightful that after the MJF angle that was executed last week, William Regal had ‘terminated’ with AEW and was ready to leave the company”.

“There have been various rumors about the duration of Regal’s actual deal, of which we really can’t give anything. However, all sources of AEW are operating as needed, and The sources of the WWE are operating in the event that they are reincorporated a la empresa”.

The sources of the WWE are operating in the event that they are reincorporated into the company.

“We don’t have any details about the unusual length of the deal since it debuted in March, or any associated arrangements. A source from WWE said that It would be no surprise that William Regal would return., because Triple H was “too unhappy” to leave Regal marching. Sources from NXT had said for a long time with Fightful that William Regal was considering a career with that brand specifically, something that Triple H himself mentioned once. Aquellos in WWE hoping to retome an advanced role similar to the one they had before, but this has not been confirmed”.

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